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Amsterdam Drugs QUartet

The Amsterdam Drugs-Quartet: the ultimate Dutch family game!

This old Dutch family game exists in all kinds and sizes. However, this version of drugs did not yet exist.

Drugs have always been present in nature and have been used and misused by shamans, witches, alchemists and religious persons throughout history. But in the last century, drugs have been causing changes in our society because parts of our population are experimenting with many variants. As a result of that, the pros and cons have become clear. As well as the prejudices. It’s not pleasant that ignorant people with too many drugs in their bodies jump off Amsterdam roofs. It is not nice either when creative minds and artists, who as pioneers, have opened new doors for us, are being called losers and junkies.

With this game, a somewhat broader picture of Amsterdam is given about its history in recent decades. Historical information is provided through various sites, buildings and individuals. Each card from the game tells its own story and together they compose a walk along the Amsterdam underground scene, from the past until now. The Amsterdam ‘Magies sentrum’( magical centre ) in a different perspective.

Enjoy the game! Play your cards!

The Amsterdam DRUGS Quartet in the press

The popular game has been featured in several Amsterdam media.

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Amsterdam Drugs QUartet